LBP-SL885 Rotary Microtome

Section thickness adjustment range:0~60μm

Section thickness adjustment:0~10μm,the minimum scale division of 1μm.10~20μm, the minimum scaledivision of 2μm.20~60μm, the minimum scaledivision of 5μm

Angle adjustment range of slicing knife:0~15°(adjustable)

Angle adjustment of sample: Horizontal: 0°~10(adjustable).vertical: 010°(adjustable)

Maximum sample size:50mm X 60mm

Maximum distance ofsample moving up and:60mm

Maximum distance ofsample moving back and:30士1mm

Dimensions:555 X 450 X 320mm(LWH)


Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, and ergonomic design.

The high-precision, stable movement design ensures the section qualityand keeps the mechanical parts permanently lubricant, making maintenanceunnecessary throughout service life.

Imported antibacterial rotary knob equipped.

Half-circle reciprocating cutting/trimming mode offered to further improvework efficiency.

The handwheel features 2 independent locking systems:(1)To lock the handwheel at any position clockwise;(2)To lock the handwheel from its top quickly.

The knife holder is made of hardened manganese steel, to better fit theneeds of precise slicing of various tissues, bones, plants, plastics and otherindustrial materials and polymer materials.

The special anti-static and non-waxing processes make the sectionssmoother and brighter, and solve the problem of random sticking of theparaffin sections.

The precise dynamic balance design ensures that the slicing handwheel iseasier and more comfortable to operate.

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