After-sales Service Commitment

1. Training on the correct use of our product:

When you use our product for the first time, we will provide training and relevant information on the use and operation of our product to ensure that you can independently carry out relevant experimental operations; and provide training and information on the interpretation of results and clinical significance of specific products.

2. Problem solving in the process of product use:

We provide you with the routine auxiliary reagents required for experiments to ensure that your experimental errors are minimized. When you have specific problems (such as technical operation problems, result interpretation, etc.) that cannot be solved, we can respond and contact within 24 hours to solve them.

3. We will guarantee the quality of reagents. If any leakage or damage occurs during the transport, the reagents can be returned or exchanged immediately as the case may be.

4. We strictly follow the requirements of medical devices for management and storage according to the storage requirements of medical devices to ensure the quality of products.

5. We will call you through the after-sales follow-up telephone from time to time:

6. Product promotion:

We work with you to promote the clinical application of relevant products to relevant clinical departments or units, and spare no effort to improve the diagnostic level and your work efficiency, while bringing better economic benefits to you.

7. After-sales service information

After-sales service hotline: 4001-628-638

24-hour hotline: 4001-628-638

Address: No.2 Fengxin Street, Kexin Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

After-sales Service Plan

1.Warranty period:

We provide repair and regular maintenance of the instrument for one year, except for force majeure and violation of operating procedures and man-made damage. After one year of warranty, we continue to provide repair and regular maintenance of the instrument, but the cost of spare parts shall be paid by the customers.


2. Emergency maintenance arrangements:

Upon receipt of report on failure, we will notify engineering technician(s) to reply within 72 hours, and help the customers to troubleshoot online as soon as possible until the instrument works properly; in case of failure to repair the equipment, we will provide relevant solutions to ensure the normal operation of your equipment.


3. Technical support and training services:

We provide sufficient sales and maintenance personnel for training, installation, service, and repair of equipment online or offline. The customers’ technical operators will be given on-site training on the proper use of equipment and reagents online  until they can complete the experiment independently.


4. Robust operation and promotion measures:

We will assist the customers in ensuring the robust operation efficiency of the instrument while doing our best to maintain the reputation of the instrument products, and actively use the product features to improve the diagnostic level and work efficiency of the customers.


5. Equipment maintenance organization

5.1 LBP after-sales service hotline: 4001-628-638

5.2 Maintenance organization in Guangzhou, Guangdong: 

LBP Headquarters Person in charge: Zhou Jinfu 

Tel: 13922320185

Address: No.2 Kexin Street, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

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