LBP-RS836 Stainer

· Owns 36 sites

· Supports 10 programs running at the same time


Capacity of staining carrier:30 slides

Loading capacity:Staining carriers of up to 10 different programs can be processed simultaneously (continuously uploaded):36

Total number of stations:26

Washing station:5

Volume of reagent tank:500ml

Uploading station:2

Downloading station:3

Storage program:10 sets

Rated voltage:AC220V±10%  50/60Hz


Touch panel:Color, 10.4 inches

Heating function:Optional

Net weight of host:80kg

Dimension:1050×615×590mm (W*D*H)


Electrical appliance modular design 

RS836 stainer can meet the requirements of different laboratories. For either common or special staining, it can operate in collaboration or in separate to output an excellent staining effect.

Chinese operating system 

The color touch panel makes it easy to input and search data, and display different staining programs and processes in real-time.

10 sets of different staining programs for option 

It's feasible to run 10 staining carriers at the same time or a single one at any time.

26 reagent stations 

It's feasible to change two of the stations to empty stations, run multiple staining carriers at the same time, and automatically optimize the staining process.


· Up to 400 pieces per hour. 

· The robotic arm can reach any station within 1 second through high-speed movement, and the short-term lifting/lowering times of staining carrier can be set. 

· Staining carriers are loaded and removed via the uploading and downloading drawers, with 2 for uploading and 3 for downloading. 

· 10 sets of different staining programs for option, different colors for different programs. 

· The powerful work efficiency means that more than 4 sets of programs and over 10 staining carriers can be run at the same time, without interfering with each other according to priority. The staining carrier can be displayed on the monitoring interface in real-time so that the operator can see it clearly. 

· The staining program can be started by selecting the color code and displayed on the operation interface in real-time, so that the operator can see it clearly.

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