LBP-EM450 Laser Cassette Printer

Laser type:UV laser (All ordinary embedding boxes can be printed, with no need for laser carving powder for the printing surface)

Printing speed:3~5 seconds/pc (The printing speed is dependent on the logo content)

Capacity of loading barrel:6 loading barrels, capacity of each loading ≥ 600 embedding boxes (the maximum loading capacity of a single loading barrel ≥ 100 embedding boxes)

Number of collection plates:≥ 10, the maximum collection capacity ≥ 330 embedding boxes (A single collection plate can collect ≥ 33 embedding boxes)

Installation method ofthecollection plate:Instrument built-in, forcollecting by order(Instant printing or batchoutput available)

System interface:HIS/LIS/PIS etc.(Data of open interface of theclient required)

Product size:580×440×490mm

Weight:About 46kg

Power supply:AC220V ± 10% 50Hz



UV laser printing technology adopted, which requires no consumables such as ribbons or ink cartridges to effectively save the cost.

The printing speed is 3~5 seconds per piece, without a limit on the number of printing fields. Various Chinese and Western characters, symbols, graphics and QR codes can be printed.

6 station automatic rotating loading devices are adopted, with the maximum capacity of one loading ≥ 600 embedding boxes. 6 embedding boxes of different specifications or colors could be loaded at the same time.

The 6 loading barrels can be grouped by color or specification. Embedding boxes of different colors or specifications can be selected by hand or automatically for printing.

The number of collection plates is ≥ 10. A single collection plate can collect ≥ 33 printed embedding boxes, and ≥ 330 embedding boxes at one time.

Multiple printing modes, such as individual printing, batch printing, QR code/barcode scanning printing, and online printing with HIS/LIS/PIS system, are available. 

Collection plates of the embedding box are built within the instrument, placed in an orderly manner, first in first out. When a collection plate is full, it can be taken out at any time without shutting down the instrument.

Featuring the functions of material shortage detection and material fullness detection, it sends alarms when there is no embedding box or embedding boxes are fully collected.

The highest resolution is 0.01mm. 0.5x0.5mm text can be printed, and the QR code/barcode printed can be 100% correctly scanned.

The print content is clearly legible and resistant to scratches or soaking in xylene, alcohol and other reagent, its color never fading.

An air purification module is built in to leave no peculiar smell or dust in the printing process, thus protecting the health of operators.

The name of each print field can be customized, the print template can be edited directly at the print interface, and the content printed can be collected and exported as files. The power-off protection function is available for the data printed to keep them against loss.

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