LBP-4032 Liquid Based Cytology Production Machine
Double Module  · Double Efficiency
Separation and Extraction
Separately Dripping and Dyeing Operation


Name:Liquid based cytology production machine

Number of stainedsamples per batch:1~32 pieces/batch

Average productionstaining time:About 36 minutes/32 tablets

The work module:2 pcs

Sample centrifugetube storage location:32 pcs

Tips box can storededicated tips positions:160 pcs

Rated power:200VA

Size:1030*490*700mm (L x W x H)

Weight:About 85kg

Using electric:AC 220V/50Hz

Technical Characteristics

High Throughput

Max.32pcs at one time, 1 pcs/min, 416 pcs/8h.

The two modules operate separately.

High Efficiency

Different batches of samples can be tested efficiently with different experimental parameters of double modules design at the same time. 

It has a reservation function that optimizes your time schedule.

High Stability

Dripping the dye through a straw disposable Dedicated Tips, discharg-ing the waste through centrifugal force. 

No liquid passes through the pipe so it avoids clogging.

The device would clean itself with one click.

Automatic Monitoring

The machine automaticly monitoring experiment, and timely alarm when problem is found. 

Monitoring includes abnormal Tips, insuffi-cient reagent, excessive waste liquid, etc.

Easy to Operate

Six commonly used experimental programs are saved in the device, and the parameters can be adjusted quickly by clicking the touch screen before the experiment.

Program parameters can be customized according to the needs of the edit save.

Multiple Application Types

It can be used to detect various cytopathological types, including cervical cells, sputum/alveolar lavage fluid, urine cells, serosal cells, needle aspiration cells, etc.

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